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The brand was established in 1967 and has an important place in Turkey mother-baby markets. From the first day Bambino acquired a vision of having products that conforming to European and Turkey standards to provide quality solutions for the needs and relieve families since its inception. Being aware of the delicate bond between precious mothers and their only babies, Bambino, the 52-year-old sycamore of the baby industry, has been serving in line with the idea of “Healthy babies, happy mothers”.

In May of the year 2016, Bambino was incorporated into Gerçek Cosmetics which has a main activity of cosmetic product sales and distribution, and has been serving the pharmacies over 25,000 from all regions of Turkey, cosmetics and chain group stores, retails and wholesale points. With the same vision and mission Bambino continues its activities under the company Gerçek Cosmetics.



“Every newborn baby means a new world ...”

Bambino, which set out by saying that we should keep a light for babies that are the hope of bright futures, is proud and happy to present innovations to you, dear parents and babies in its 52nd year in the sector. By saying “Every newborn baby means a new world,, he embraces the support of mothers from the moment each baby is born.

Bambino, which offers healthy, practical and reliable products in the first steps of life against babies, strives to leave beautiful traces to babies, their families and the world.

With its 4000 m2 production and storage facility in Tuzla, it produces the most valuable products for your babies in European standards.

Bambino has received / renewed GMP, ISO and INTERTEK certificates in 2017, adhering to international norms, and continuously follows developments by offering BPA, PVC and phthalate-free products within the framework of World Health Standards.

Mom's; “That moment dır is the moment of your life…

Her Every moment you see the most precious of your mother, the first smell you hear, you witness the first laugh, the first “mother” every moment you witness the “moment ettir makes you feel special


Bambino has made its vision to keep its availability and customer satisfaction at the highest level by introducing and marketing mother-baby products in domestic and foreign markets with a customer-oriented approach. It develops and manufactures products that value mother and baby health, adopt quality as a brand philosophy and with 52 years of experience.

Quality, serves in 15 countries to create innovative and distinctive products Bambino brand all over the world as well as Turkey's parents to their baby in a reliable manner upgrades.

Bambino brand serving the world's 15 countries carried out in Turkey but also in the production of their products and pride themselves on being the shining star in Turkey and abroad in the same quality standards has made it a mission to provide to other countries.